Tibetan Healing Sounds #1 -11 hours – Tibetan bowls for meditation, relaxation, calming, healing

Download MP3′s, WAV and Videos: https://gum.co/tibet_healing Album info and purchase: http://www.paradisemusic.us.com/albumsDetail.asp?id=15 This is an exten…
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https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/guided-meditation-to-relaxation/id663959616 www.meditationrelaxclub.com Guided Meditation and Autogenic Training with Heali…
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Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center Release Ananda – Infinite Abundance

Deepak Chopra and The Chopra Center Release Ananda – Infinite Abundance
Following the release of it's first Ananda meditation app called Ananda – Living for Love, Deepak Chopra and Chopra Center Meditation released a new guided meditation app called “Ananda – Infinite Abundance.” Just like the “Ananda – Living for Love …
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Daily Meditation: Swing Low
We hope that these daily meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be part of bringing spirituality alive in your life. Today's meditation features a rendition of classic spiritual "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" sung by American folk singer …
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5 Meditation Alternatives That Won't Put You to Sleep
I've been a true believer in its healing powers for a long time, well before all the scientific evidence finally showed meditation does indeed reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, provide emotional balance, lower stress levels, and the list goes on.
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Just 25 Minutes of Meditation May Help Manage Stress
A new study has revealed that just 25 minutes of meditation may help people manage their stress levels. Sometimes, it may seem to many as if stress is just an inevitable part of life, especially for people living in the modern world. It is for this …
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Ivy Child Brings “Yoga in the Park” to Worcester, MA this Summer 2014

Worcester, Massachusetts (PRWEB) June 11, 2014

Ready, set, yoga! This summer, residents of the Worcester County community will have access to free yoga classes in their very own backyard Elm Park, Worcester.

Classes will be held every Saturday from 10am-11am beginning June 14 through August 23. Sessions, led by local registered yoga instructors including Shawn Shaw, Jordan Grinstein, and Eve Costarelli, will include themed yoga suitable for all ages and abilities. Throughout the 10-week program, participants will learn diverse yoga and meditation styles to strengthen, rejuvenate, and relax the body and mind.

Participants are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and to bring mats/blankets, friends, and family. Classes cancelled due to rain/weather will be announced on the Ivy Child Yoga in the Park event page.

Yoga in the Park was created in the summer of 2013 and is a summer segment of Ivy Childs Mindfulness-Based Learning (MBL) community programs. The purpose of this program is to:

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Méditation – Awakening

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Lynn Boggess’ Masterful Use of Line, Palate and Texture Carry the Viewer into His Richly Verdant and Luscious Landscapes, Where These Works Were Conceived

Santa Fe, NM (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

Lynn Boggess presents an untouched vision of nature that transports the viewer to the reflective and pure environment in which his landscapes are created. By means of plein-air techniques and the use of cement trowels as brushes, an innovative approach to oil paint is realized, resulting in works that are simultaneously dynamic and soothing. These landscapes overwhelm the senses with lush and vivid scenes while also allowing room for meditation on the deeper relations between human life and the natural world.

Primarily working in oil, Boggess’ draws the viewer into the deeply receding spaces of his images. The pictures, devoid of human or animal habitation, focus on Nature, free of the influence of human activity. Boggess compels the viewer to contemplate each scene in turn, and finally the cycle of scenes: the lapse of hours; the alternating character of the rocks, of the trees and of the land; the turn of season. The paintings themselves become the spaces they portray.

Boggess’ paintings reflect the entire tradition of landscape painting. Indeed, the viewers will find suggestions of the Romantics, the Luminists, the Impressionists, and the Expressionists. Yet, the artist does not set out to make his works conform to a preconceived style; rather, he melds the tradition and his own experience into a way of seeing and a style in landscape painting which is uniquely his own.

In Boggess’ stylistically heavy application of paint and his roughly-textured surfaces, he is closest to the German painter Anselm Kiefer, a post-World War II Expressionist, whose use of landscape reverberates with the devastation of the Nazis. His landscapes are wounded, bleeding, unquiet, all seemingly opposite qualities to the work of Lynn Boggess, yet the two share many attributes, especially their aggressive, unflinching approach to subject.

The landscapes of Lynn Boggess give us a year-round walk in the woods. They provide us with a series of meditations on beauty; they give us an opportunity to consider the importance of Nature to our own experience. They also contain, in small subtle ways, much of the history of landscape painting. Because Boggess has chosen to paint Nature directly, and because he sees it as beautiful and endangered, he draws us into his fierce political vision. View a film of Lynn Boggess discussing his work.

Excerpts taken from Marian J. Hollinger, Curator

Do not miss these heavily impasted recent paintings being exhibited for the first time in Santa Fe.

About EVOKE Contemporary

EVOKE Contemporary is committed to promoting compelling and provocative contemporary artists of international acclaim. EVOKE Contemporary participates in Last Friday Openings + Artwalks in the Railyard Arts District each month year round.

EVOKE Contemporary is located at 550 S. Guadalupe St., Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501.

Telephone 505.995.9902. For more information, visit the EVOKE Contemporary website at http://www.evokecontemporary.com.

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Atlanta Dog Whisperer to Hold Holistic Retreat for Hounds

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 09, 2014

Dog Psychology 101 will be offering a total wellness retreat to benefit the mind, body, and spirit of dogs and their people.

Often referred to as the Dr. Phil of the dog world and owner of Dog Psychology 101 and U.S. Canine, Angie Woods is working to help active dog owners achieve a balance in mind, body, and spirit with their four-legged friends. This revolutionary approach is unique by focusing on balancing the human as we are rehabbing the dog. The weekend retreat will feature meditation, agility and lure training, as well as doga, or doggie yoga. Guest speakers will include animal communicator Tim Link, and chiropractic and doga expert Dr. April Warhola. The two-day event takes place Saturday, June 21 and Sunday June 22, at the Canine Ranch in Canton, Georgia.

Odd as it may sound, dogs need stress relief just as much as humans, said Woods who has been working with dogs professionally for the last 26 years. Once we stop talking and thinking that our dogs have to fit into some mold, we begin to learn. We watch and observe, and the result helps to increase the bond and communication between human and dog.

Im so excited that Tim and April will be joining us this summer, said Woods. Dogs operate by feeling energy in each other and humans. Tim uses canine Reiki for energy healing, and we all know how beneficial yoga is for humans, so I cant wait to see what April has to show us with her doga techniques.

Located in Buford, Dog Psychology 101 holds seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements for dog owners, rescue groups, and dog professionals. Woods and son Josh, use a natural holistic approach in their problem solving techniques. With a pack of 20 dogs at her facility, Woods uses the canine environment and companionship to get to the core of the trouble and find a resolution. Through classes and workshops like the Mind. Body. Spirit. Dog. Total Wellness Retreat, Woods hopes to bring awareness to potential and current pet owners regarding behavior issues with the mission that all dogs can be helped.

Link to Event: http://www.dogpsychology101.com/m-b-s-d-summer-retreat-2014/

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Méditation – Inner Journey

Méditation – Inner Journey

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Best-selling Author and Shaman Kenn Day and Psychic Mary Lou Ackermann Headline the 43rd Victory of Light Expo, April 5-6

Cincinnati, Ohio (PRWEB) March 13, 2014

The Greater Cincinnati regions premier psychic convention broke attendance records last November, establishing the Victory of Light Expo as one of largest and longest-running metaphysical conventions in the country. The Expo returns to the Sharonville Convention Center on Saturday, April 5 and Sunday, April 6, 10:00 a.m. 7:00 p.m., with 230 exhibitors and 65 seminars on a wide range of metaphysical, paranormal and holistic topics. One of Cincinnatis most respected psychics, Mary Lou Ackermann, makes a rare public appearance on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. to share knowledge gleaned from more than a half century of spiritual counseling. Kenn Day is a professional Shaman who will be signing his new, best-selling book, “Post Tribal Shamanism: A New Look at the Old Ways,” following his presentation on Sunday at 1:00 p.m. All but four of the seminars are included with paid admission, which is $ 14 per day or $ 20 for the weekend. Seniors (age 60 +), students and military (with ID) receive a $ 2 discount. Parking is free. A downloadable schedule, seminar descriptions and a list of exhibitors are on the website, http://www.VictoryofLight.com. For more information call 513-929-0406 or email victor(at)victoryoflight(dot)com. Victory of Light updates are posted on Facebook and Twitter.

Mary Lou Ackermann, at 78, has had a long and renowned career as a spiritual counselor in Cincinnati. Her accuracy has been chronicled in many newspaper and magazine articles. Kenn Day, with more than 30 years of experience, conducts in-depth training in Post-Tribal Shamanism internationally. His new book explores connecting with ancestors, shamanic journey techniques, spiritual healing and more, and is currently #1 on the Amazon U.K. Shamanic Best Sellers list and #2 in the U.S. market.

Interest in mediumship, the paranormal, psychic abilities and holistic approaches to wellness like meditation, continues to grow, and in response Victory of Light continues to provide enlightened information about these topics from well-known experts, comments Expo founder and executive director, psychic medium Victor Paruta, who staged his first expo in 1992. “The expo also provides a safe, positive environment for those who would like to experience a psychic reading or healing.”

The largest ticketed event held at Sharonville Convention Center, the admission price includes more than 60 seminars covering astrology, past lives, angels, ghosts and hauntings, psychic development, holistic health & wellness, mediumship and much more. Psychic readings for the audience are offered at seven seminars both days, including Parutas popular Ask a Psychic presentation on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. – consistently a standing room only event. Featured presenters include Rick Hayes (Gallery Readings), Phil Crabtree (The Healing Power of Music), Thomas Freese (UFOs in America), and Patti Starr (Collecting Paranormal Evidence).

One hundred vendors offer crystals and gemstones, jewelry (including Inca and Huichol Indian designs), art, fashion, books, ghost hunting supplies, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and all natural wellness products.

One hundred and thirty psychic mediums and holistic practitioners provide personal readings and healings (additional fee $ 20-40). Always a family-friendly event, face painting, aura photography, henna tattoos, live music and belly dancing performances take place throughout the weekend. Healthy food and beverage choices are also available for purchase.

Holistic wellness seminars cover topics such as Herbs, Essential Oils, Meditation, Iridology, Music and Sound Healing, Holistic Approaches to Knee Pain, the Spiritual Practice of Mindfulness, Tibetan Buddhist Healing, Body Story Telling, Massage, Diet, Natural Home Remedies, Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy and Healing Touch for Animals.

Victor Paruta

A highly sought after and respected psychic reader and spiritual consultant, Victor Paruta recently taped two episodes for “Beyond Belief” with host George Noory on Gaiam TV (BeyondBelief.com). Named Best Psychic (Cincinnati Magazine) for his mysteriously accurate and compelling readings,” Paruta is a regular guest on radio and television and has been featured in dozens of articles and publications. He has also appeared on ABCs The View. Paruta is also a medium with Victory of Light Paranormal, a high level paranormal investigation and research team serving Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. He produced the first Victory of Light Psychic Festival in Cincinnati in 1992 to provide the general public with a venue for experiencing and learning about the holistic and psychic arts and sciences.

Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda Launches New E-commerce Portal, http://www.santhigramherbals.com

New Jersey (PRWEB) March 06, 2014

Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda Wellness Center, a leading alternative health-care facility in the US, has launched its new e-commerce portal, http://www.santhigramherbals.com.

Dr. Gopinathan Nair, the President and CEO of Santhigram says, We have launched a new ecommerce website to sell high-quality Kerala Ayurveda herbs, oils and formulations. With the increasing consumer focus on healthy living, popularity of TV shows and books on self-healing techniques in Ayurveda, there is an ever increasing demand for Ayurvedic products online. We are diversifying into e-commerce business with this launch. Our business is built on the trust of our customers, and we see this as an opportunity to engage with new customers and help them follow through with expert services at our wellness centers.

“This a great opportunity for Santhigram to help consumers find safe Ayurvedic herbs and formulations online,” comments Dr. Raj Guptan, senior holistic consultant and drug safety physician.

The company’s existing website, http://www.santhigramusa.com, is an engaging informational portal on Ayurvedic wellness therapies. It is built on an e-commerce platform which allows clients to schedule appointment online for services at all Santhigram locations across the US. The new website, http://www.santhigramherbals.com, is fully integrated within the existing e-commerce platform, thus adding convenience and helping to build a direct to consumer relationship. Clients will have access to excellent customer service round the clock.

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system from India that encompasses a range of natural treatment procedures including medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements, Panchakarma rejuvenation/detox therapies, Marma energy healing, meditation and yoga to restore and maintain health and wellness. The word Ayurveda in Sanskrit, means science (or knowledge) of life. It is the oldest, continually practiced health-care system in the world. The tradition has been handed down from masters to pupils for more than 5,000 years.

The Ayurvedic therapies offered by Santhigram Wellness Centers help to rejuvenate body and mind by reducing stress and restoring wellness. “Chronic conditions are healed and signs of aging are reversed,” said Dr. Ambika Nair, a highly reputed holistic practitioner and the Chief Consultant of Santhigram. With over 25 years of experience, she has been making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of people in India, US and many other countries. The centers are staffed by trained professionals with dedication and passion. Each client is treated like family. Ayurveda is rooted in the belief that health results from harmony between mind, body and spirit.

In the United States, Santhigram currently operates in six location: three in New Jersey, two in New York and one in Chicago. According to Dr. Gopinathan Nair, the company is launching two more locations, Houston and Wisconsin, in another two months and has immediate plans to expand operations to other cities in the US, as well as internationally through franchises.

For more details, email to info(at)santhigramherbals(dot)com or contact 1-888-KER-AYUR (537-2987).